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You Fool Everybody, a Marco/Tim fic

I can't believe people haven't started writing these yet, I think Marco and Tim are freaking adorable.

Title: You Fool Everybody
Author: xaverie_fiction
Rating: PG for now, will be R later on.
Pairing: Marco/Tim
Chapter: 1. To Put Chicks in the Mood
Word Count: 1,625
Summary: So Marco came out to his dad. That’s great and all, but Tim still doesn’t have a place to stay…
Warnings: This is a story about a homosexual relationship between two boys. I hope no one has a problem with that, but if you do... don't read.
Feedback: Heck yes, I'll take anything you got. In fact please tell me whatyou think if you happen to be reading this.
Comments: Uh, not really. No spoilers, this takes place directly after 509 – Tell It To My Heart. Song lyrics are from Blue and Yellow by The Used.

Marco nodded again as he listened to his papa walk away and lock the door behind him. His mother was right, one day he would understand, but that didn’t make this any less shard to swallow. Marco’s mouth was dry and his tongue felt twice his size and his throat constricted painfully. That was easily the worst thing he’d ever had to do in his life, and now he was supposed to go on like nothing had changed.

Leaning on the back of the kitchen chair, he trusted his mama would have a talk with his dad for him. Mrs. Del Rossi, always the mediator. It still felt weird, being in a fight with his dad. They never used to argue before, unless of course, it was over Marco’s profession after school or something silly like that. Not like this. Of course it could have been worse. His father could have…

“Oh my gosh, Tim!” Marco exclaimed instantly, remembering that the younger student was in a much worse situation than he. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, Marco dialed his number.

“Marco, are you sure that’s a good idea?” His mother asked in that Concerned Mother voice. “You’re father’s very sensitive right now and now that he knows…”

Marco looked up sternly at his mother and shook his head. “No, Ma, you heard him. He has no where else to go, and I won’t have him wandering around the streets like-“ Suddenly he heard a voice on the other line and it took him a moment to register if it really were the boy he was trying to reach. Placing his left hand over his other ear, Marco walked to the living room to hear better. “Tim?”

He sighed with relief when he heard a response. “I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you after the- oh,” he paused for Tim to answer, and then looked down half ashamed. “Yeah, thanks. But I should have done it a long time ago.” Upon hearing nothing but silence on the other end, Marco realized there wasn’t much for Tim to say to that, it was true.

Shaking his head he continued, “Anyway, Tim. Where are you?” He started to pace to and fro on the carpet, growing increasingly worried. “Right, stay there. I’m coming to pick you up… No, you’re staying here. Don’t… no, don’t worry about him. It’s too dangerous to be out there by yourself. I won’t let you get… hurt.” Marco said, thinking of a time when he was in the wrong place when he shouldn’t have been. God, that seemed like so long ago.

Snapping his phone shut, Marco grabbed his jacket and keys. “Ma, I’ll be back soon,” he said, kissing her quickly on the cheek.

“Be careful, Marco,” she replied in the same Concerned Mother voice, but he was out the door before she finished.

Frustrated, Marco flipped off the radio and focused all of his attention on the road. No matter how gay he was, there was a time and place for Britney Spears. This was not one of those times, and he doubted even he, Marco Del Rossi, former Class President and cheeriest kid in school could stand her over-peppy synth-pop vocals right now. Trying to keep his eyes on the sidewalks without crashing the car, Marco looked for Tim. Dammit, why did all of his clothes have to be so dark?

Finally, he signaled left and turned onto DeGrassi Avenue, where Tim was standing not far away, leaning against a street lamp and eyes trained on the pavement in front of him. The orange glow of the light washed over him and normally, that would be very unflattering on anyone else. However, as Marco pulled over, he vaguely thought it gave Tim a sort of melancholy ambience. If you liked that whole… Dark, Mysterious thing.

As Tim looked up, Marco managed a weak smile and Tim returned it just as enthusiastically, walking toward the passenger door. After sitting and buckling his seatbelt, Tim looked down at the floor of the vehicle. “You… you don’t have to do this, you know,” he said, glancing over at Marco, who’d yet to move the car.

Realizing he was staring, just a little, Marco cleared his throat and turned away, putting the car in drive. “Yes I do, Tim. Like I said, it’s way too dangerous out there,” he said, k-turning like a pro.

“But what about-“

“I said, don’t worry about him,” Marco said, glancing over, just for a moment. “My mom and I got it covered, okay? It’s not a problem,” he asserted, more to convince himself than the boy sitting beside him. It would be all right. His dad would get over it, eventually. He had to, right?

For a few minutes, they sat in silence. It felt far too long, Marco’s house wasn’t exactly that far from the school. However, as they sat in that car time seemed to stretch out forever and ever and Marco couldn’t help but wonder if that would be such a bad thing. They’d never have to face anyone or worry about anything ever again. Just the two of them, with no worries.

After a moment, Tim made a soft noise and Marco looked over at him. “What?”

Tim spoke a little louder, but not much. “I asked if I could turn on the radio?” he asked timidly.

“Oh,” Marco nodded, of course. “Sure, put on whatever you want.” A blush rose to his cheeks when he realized what he’d left on just minutes before.

Tim skipped past Britney without thinking twice about it and finally landed on some punk station. After a moment or two, Marco found himself smiling and nodding his head in time to the high-energy music. He looked over at Tim who looked more relaxed and smiled back at him. Before long the song changed, and Marco paused, listening for a while and subconsciously slowing down the car.

It burns a hole through everyone that feels it…

For some reason, he thought that this would be a good song to just chill out and breathe to. It sounded like some hardcore band that took a time off from screaming to say something sweet. Closing his eyes for a bit, Tim looked over at him, a little worried. “Marco?”

I should have done something, but I’ve done it enough…

Glancing at Tim questioningly, he asked, “What’s this song?”

Hands twitching nervously in his lap, Tim bit his lip, “Blue and Yellow.”

By the way your hands were shaking, rather waste some time with you…

“Oh,” Marco nodded and listened to the lyrics, smirking wryly to himself. They seemed incredibly apt at the time, and this was exactly why Marco believed in fate.

Turning into the driveway, Marco put the car in park and turned off the lights. Not being able to find anything to say to Tim, he smiled softly, causing Tim to blush and smile back, before climbing out of the driver’s seat and walking up to the front door. Resting his hand on the handle, he waited for Tim to catch up and paused. Standing there under the flood light, the tension between the two boys was nearly audible, but neither of them knew what to do about it. Standing silently for another minute, Marco finally leaned in just the slightest bit and said, “Listen. It’s going to be okay. I promise,” before opening the door and walking inside.

Tim nodded because what choice did he have but believe him? Marco was his Yoda, after all.

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